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    Here you will find out something about us that perhaps will increase your interests of both us and accordion music in general. We are in present day eight musicians that plays for the fun of it. We have our place in Bjuv, a small community in south of Sweden. Our setup is four accordionplayer, two guitar bass and drums. Our material is a mixture of different style from tango to rock'n roll. Sorry to say, accordion music is today nothing that the younger generation listen to or play. This days it's only modern music that applies to the youngsters. But we do hope that it will come back again in a near future. It is a very beautiful instrument that has it’s place in most categories. I my self plays both guitar and drums but did grow up with the accordion in my home. Both my father and my grandfather did play it. Now it's the older generation that carry the tradition forward. But it would be nice to see the younger generation pick it up again. Now, look around and enjoy and hope that you'll find it interesting.

    Thank you, Christer Hall, webmaster


    This history begins back in 1983 when mr Inge-Thore Rörstrand and Mr Nils Lindquist starts an accordion orchestra, ‘Bjuvs Dragspelsklubb’ or in english, ‘Bjuvs accordion orchestra’. They are not longer with the orchestra but we do thank them for their efforts. Our facilities back then were in a club house for school youth. Later on we got to practice in ‘Bjuvs marching corps’ facilities, where we still have our place. We practise every tuesday evening between seven and nine thirty. You’ll see us under ‘members’. Musicians have come and gone through the years but never so much that we have had to close down the orchestra. We have always managed. We have performed in several institutions like sick homes, service homes, club houses, festivals, dance arenas and so on. Up to this date it is our chairman mrs Ingrid Karlsson that keeps the wheels running. Without her this orchestra would not exist. Not in this form anyway. You’ll meet them again under ‘contact us’.

    Present members.

    Here we are as orchestra today !!

    From the top, down from the left;
    Ingrid Karlsson - Accordion and chairman
    Bo Andersson - Guitar (Bass, sound.)
    Christer Hall - guitar (drums) Webmaster
    Monica Fredriksson - Accordion, trumpet and song
    Christel Svensson - Accordion and song
    Andy Törnquist - Accordion
    Lennart Persson - Drum
    Bo Wikström - Bass and song

    Your contacts

    If you need anything, a gig or any questions, this is the two members you want to talk to!

    Ingrid Karlsson/Chairman   Tel;042-72364     ingridkarlsson@bjuvsdragspelsklubb.se

    You can of course get through to any other of us as well that has an email with our domain name with in!


    Here you'll find our email adresses.
    For any questions you might have,
    you can ask here and find out. Welcome!!


    Ingrid Karlsson
    Bo Andersson
    Christer Hall
    Monica Fredriksson
    Christel Svensson
    Andy Törnquist
    Lennart Persson
    Bo Wikström




    Known Swedish accordion players

    There have been a lot of famous Swedish accordion players through the years, musicians as well as composers. When I searched for information I did came across a lot of tunes I recognised but did’nt know that just that person had made this or that. I don’t have them all on this page but here is a few of the greatest older ones:
    Carl Jularbo (Karl Karlsson) b 1893 d 1966
    He was once called ‘King of Swedish accordion players’. He started up as a five year old and won about over a 150 contests for accordion between the years 1907-1916. He made also between the years 1915-1945 over 3000 melodies at recording. He did appearance in radio and toured in Europe as well. He composed a lot of melodies through the years.

    Ebbe Jularbo (Eberhard Karlsson) b 1915
    Mr Ebbe Jularbo (Son of Carl Jularbo) toured in the Sweden as a danceband musician between the years 1933-1945 and 1953-1964. Made a lot of appearances in the Usa under the years 1971, 1973 and 1975. 1971 he became the chairman of the ‘Swedish Country Organisation For Accordion Players’.

    Ragnar Sundquist ('Ragge') f 1892 d 1951
    Mr Sundquist both played the accordion and he manufactured them. He competed as a musician both at home and abroad from the year 1909. He did appearance In the Usa between the years 1912-14 where he beside that he studied for the legendary accordion players; P.Frosini and P.Deiro. He was to become the greatest virtuoso player in Sweden back then and had a lot of followers after that. From 1913 he made a lot of recordings and made his last tour in 1948.

    Andrew Keiving-Walter (Anders Valter Persson) b 1914 d 1978
    Walter was beside the musicians both composer and a band leader. His first big title was European championship winner in 1936. He made a lot of radio programs from 1946-1967. He made a lot of tours both at home and abroad, even in the old Sovjet. This between 1936-37. From 1948 he judged mostly of all world championships and had from 1945-1978 over 500 000 pupils as correspondents.

    Olle Johnny (Olof Johansson) f 1916
    Both musician and music composer. Made his first radio appearance in 1932 and toured in the Swedish folkparks from 1934 with his own orchestra. He became in 1937 a European championship winner in Stockholm. He mad over 2000 recordings, both classical and popular music.

    Some more known musicians

    as I only have their names by now!

    Hakon Svärdh
    Sölve Strand
    Erling Grönstedt
    Karl Grönstedt (Bror till Erling G.)

    Foreign artists
    Dick Contino (USA)
    Pietro Frosini (USA)
    Art Van Damme (USA)


    My name is Christer Hall and I'm the webmaster of this page. I play now days the gitar in this orchestra where I earlier used to play drums. I thought that it would be a nice idea to put our name on the map. So internet was the first choise. Plenty of work but fun making it. If you have anything to comment or perhaps some idea to improve dont hessitate to let me know.

    My adress is: christerhall@bjuvsdragspelsklubb.se

    Do you wont to know more about me then visit my own (Challens world) where you also can find out about my other interest, guitar instrumentalism!!